Thank you for considering to build in Sandy Ford.

Above you will find a copy of our CCR’s which contain a lot of information on building requirements. Please note the two amendments that should also be reviewed as they do contain some changes to the original document.

You will also find a blank copy of the SFPOA Architectural Decor List and Compliance Schedule. After completing this form we require a non-refundable $250.00 payment to the POA at the outset for home plan and site review and for verification of Covenant and Article compliance.

When the final form is completed and submitted by the lot owner, it must be accompanied by a $5,000.00 deposit check to be refunded if and when all is satisfactory at the end of construction. Prior to construction, both the builder/owner and a POA rep must sign the document indicating acceptance of its terms and conditions.

In order to be accepted as a builder in our community, we require 2-3 references and examples and the address of some prior construction.

Our site plan approval will include an analysis of water control and run-off and may include a requirement to build a retaining wall or some system or device to prevent those property owners “downstream” from the new construction from being adversely affected. A heavy emphasis is also placed on maintaining as many trees on the site as possible, while we will work to get approval as quickly as possible generally the committee will need 2-4 weeks to complete the review process.

Please contact the Chairman of the Sandy Ford Architectural Review Committee with any questions.

Again, thank you for considering to build in Sandy Ford